Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Sun is Shining

Ha, I've cheered up a bit after the bow explosion, I got a nice E-mail from the guy for whom I was making it.
I've tidied up the garage and cleared out a load of mess from the summer house job. I had a quick shufti at my staves too, there is some good stuff which will be ready for next summer.
I might have a bit of a tinker with a project I've been thinking about, making an archer automaton... it's a bit chilly in the garage, but I might have a little try out with some tin plate from old biscuit tins etc (I keep all that stuff as it's great material) and a soldering iron. If it warms up a bit I may sort the staves.... a stave falling on your head in clod weather just hurts too much!

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