Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Now't Much

I took the tri-lam and re-tillered Twister to the club on Sunday. I shot about a dozen from the tri-lam, not worrying about getting a 28" draw, just shooting as I normally wood (about 27") at the big practice boss from about 25 yards or so at a scrap of paper in the centre. It seemed nice and smooth giving a reasonably consistent group, a tad left of the paper but a nice vertical line of arrows. I was just banging 'em out quick to give the bow an extra few arrows.
I then picked up Twister which had disappointed me a few weeks earlier when it had felt stiff and unyielding. That's what had led me to re-tiller it.
I was a good 25 yards or so from the target. I pushed out my left hand drew, and... thud 1/2" left of the paper... Drew and thud, 1/2" right of the paper... Drew and clatter as arrow number 3 hit arrow number 2 .
Yup, that's how Twister should shoot. My confidence flooded back and I joined the guys to shoot about 7 of the 3D targets with a good degree of success.
I took my leave feeling much happier, I didn't want to over do it as I've been getting a lot of neck stiffness when I shoot, and it's a wise man who knows when to quit.

I've not started another bow yet, just waiting for the urge to hit me, I've been giving the lathe a good clean and adjust and reading some pap sci-fi on my kindle. Those damn Zarlacks keep jumping out of hyperspace into the summer house while I'm in there reading with Emily the cat on my lap. Must transfer power from my old car battery to boost the shielding...


  1. Were you using the same arrows with the two bows?

    1. Yes! I shoot 35-40 spine 5/16" cedar shafts, 100gn point, 3" parabolic fletchings, self nocked