Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Trilam all Done

I've got it finished and over 60 arrows through it (I'll take that up to 100 before final waxing). I've just had it on the tiller and it's almost 50# which is odd, as it looked more like 46# the other day, this illustrates the difficulty of getting good data. The camera is mounted about level with the bow so is effectively looking down on the string at full draw giving a parallax error. Whereas if I sit down to pull the rope my eye is about level with string at full draw removing that error, so in reality it's a tad over 47# generally it's prob' sensible to give draw weights rounded down to the nearest 5# as a bow is likely to settle a bit rather than gain weight (unless it starts off not fully seasoned).
It's been interesting shooting the bow, the arrows seemed to wag their tails rather, but a little work around the arrow pass and inlaying the Abalone helped. Then I got suspicious that maybe there was one odd arrow, so I marked the one that flew high and right with an inconspicuous dot. Next five arrows, sure enough, one waggled off right, when I looked, yes it was the same arrow. Maybe that accounts for some of my poor shooting at the last field shoot as it was marked as a number 1 arrow.
I shall try the same test with my field bow and see how that throws 'em, I suspect the effect will be
slightly less marked as that bow is prob' a tad slower.
In terms of feel the tri-lam is lovely, it feels like it would draw further just as smoothly and I've been making sure to shoot it from a good full 28" draw which is extending me slightly. It's good to be shooting more as it seems to be helping the tennis elbow and shoulder niggle. I've been doing push ups night and morning, at least 10 and 15 or so if I'm feeling bouncy.
Couldn't resist adding the pic of the grip again as it is so gorgeous :)


  1. That is so blooming gorgeous, Del, my heart is pounding with the anticipation of shooting it!! I think if you've been using your 30-35 spined arrows, they will be waggling rather if it's weighing in just under #50. That's certainly going to build me up more and it's pretty certain to reach the 180yds.

  2. Yo, cheers, yeah with some nice low fletching it should go for miles ;-)
    The arrow count is creeping up... 85 at the mo', my loose is getting better too.

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  4. Hi Derek,

    I love the tri lam!
    What a beauty!
    I sent you a message vis your contact me on your home page.
    Did you receive it?
    Would love to have a chat with you.

    1. I'll get back to you, I don't check that site so often these days.