Monday, 2 April 2018

Flight Shooting PBs

Had another go on Sunday, managed 341yards with the Osage bow shooting off the fingers this time (so it's a genuine PB).
The Yew ELB flight bow was still too much for me and even JT my trusty test pilot struggled, slapping his bicep painfully with the string on one shot.
The Yew bow just isn't controllable with confidence so I've reviewed the tiller and draw weight with a view to improving the tiller and bringing down a whisker from 95-100# to 90-95# I don't put an exact weight because I'm not going to hold it at full draw long enough to read the scale accurately, an by sod's law the scale was out of picture at full draw in the video! (See link below for video)

JT was a bit put off* having whacked his bicep, but he stepped up and had a go with the Osage (80#) which he controlled and shot with confidence bagging himself a new PB of 324yards. I'm guessing he shot a tad shorter than me due to his not being used to a 28" draw and anchoring at that length. The shots looked good enough and I was half expecting that he'd out shot me.
I'm sure once the Yew is tweaked he'll master it, can't guarantee it will shoot as far as the Osage though!
Interesting to compare the tip width of the two bows

and to look at the marks on the arrow shelf /arrow pass of the Osage which show where the arrow was rubbing, maybe I'll tweak that a bit to make it easier on the arrow.

* I think that's a bit of British understatement. I think that it hurt like hell, but as he's not a cheating Australian cricketer, he refrained from calling a press conference and bursting into tears. ;-)


  1. Hi Del,
    Where the arrow is rubbing the rest - would that not lose you a little bit of power as a result ? Does this call for some slo-mo video investigation...?

    Ok... I admit it - I just want to see some more of your slo-mo video ;-)
    Cheers, (and well done on the PB!)

    1. Yeah, it looses some power, but a heavier stiffer arrow would loose more. Flight arrows are all a series of trade offs.
      Can't make it stiffer without making it heavier and less aerodynamic etc.
      Relieving the arrow pass a tad should improve it, getting the perfect loose helps hugely as it can help it get away cleanly without as much sideways deflection. I'm obviously in the right ball park. The mistake would be to change too many things at once. A bit of training up and should add a few more yards, unless the bow starts to break down of course.
      I'll try to get some good slo-mo next time :-)