Monday, 26 March 2018

New PB For Distance!

Had a good time shooting on Sunday, mostly flight testing 4 new flight arrows. I tried 'em from my Osage flight bow first but struggled to reach full draw and they were going about 280 yards. I took the one that went the furthest and tried it from the shooting machine (26 3/4" draw) ... I didn't see it go, we walked up the field to pick up some other arrows and I couldn't find it, then I spotted it about 40 yards further on, obviously well past 300, I got out the laser rangefinder and sighted back to JT's landrover, then subracted 10 yards as we'd paced that far out onto the field  345yards! That smashed my previous best which was from the same bow at a 24" draw.
My mate JT then tried 'em out of the Yew ELB flight bow, but struggled to get a controlled full draw due to the short draw length not giving a convenient anchor as he's used to shooting 32" draw.
Back at home I've confirmed the draw weight at 26 3/4" to be about 80# so I should be able to mange that with a bit of practice.
I don't want to wear out the bows so I'll refurb' last years quick try out Yew flight bow for training purposes, I'll have to repair one of the flight arrows as the tip fractured just behind the pile.
The solid Ipe arrow was seemed to fly shorter than the footed arrows, but they all came off the bow fairly cleanly. Ideally I'd have tried then all from the shooting machine but there was a lot of other shooting going on and the lure of a pint and a bowl of chips at the Rainbow and Dove was hard to resist.
It was my arrow number two that subjectively seemed to fly best and made the 345yard shot.

A request for more arrow info :-
Arrows 1 and 2 seemed to fly furthest, they are lightest and have similar FOC balance point, they all have similar spine.


  1. Good going Del. Could we have a little info on the arrows?

  2. Arrow data added... read it and then destroy it ;-)

  3. Thanks Del you can destroy it now