Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Crossbow Telescopic Sight

I've finally got round to mounting the tele' sight. It's not the most solid mounting as the rail is screwed to the wooden piece which fits over the latch, and that is only held onto the stock with a couple of wood screws that are about 1.75" apart.
It took a lot of trial and error to get it sighted up, by shimming the mount and adjusting the wooden piece that it's screwed to. Some people make the mistake of just mounting a sight and then try to adjust the cross hairs. That may work on a commercial rifle or crossbow, but on something hand made you have to get the coarse alignment right first.
I've got it sighted at 10 yards then checked how it shot at 18yards (the furthest I can get safely and conveniently) then at 5 yards.
The graticule has plenty of divisions on it and I found that at 5 yards I had to aim low by 1 division and at 18 yards I had to aim high by 3.
I'll have to see how it copes with longer ranges, but I may find it runs out of room at about 30 yards, in which case I may make an adjustable mount for the rail.

My cheek sits well above the stock when using the sight, so I'll need to add a suitable cheek piece. Bear in mind this is a tryout/development stock.

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