Friday, 18 February 2011

Full Draw

Here we are, it's about 64 pounds @ 28", that gives me a few pounds to play with. I may take 1/2" off the lower (left) limb as the bow is for a shortish guy, it's 71.5" at the moment, but as it's going to be tested back to 31" I don't want to make it much shorter.
The tiller looks pretty even. I've shot a few arrows from it with the tillering string and it feels good.
I shall smooth it off and spend some time thinking and looking before I do anything drastic, then it's horn nocks and shoot it in. Or maybe I'll make a decent string, shoot it in and then do the nocks. Any way, that's enough for today.
The right tip looks slightly stiff, but it's the one with a tad of reflex (Note: in the first pics a few posts back that was the left limb. Because the bow was trying to twist and I had to have it that way round so the wall held it in position and stopped it twisting off the block. I generally have the top limb to the right...dunno why)

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