Sunday, 6 February 2011

Needle bow pic

The bow is slightly stiff tipped and the tiller isn't really spot on, but if I adjust it I'll loose draw weight which I can't afford to do.
It shoots a respectable 132.6fps (feet per second) through the chrono which is about right (rule of thumb is draw weight in pounds plus 100 as a fps speed).
The slight kink (looks like a slight hinge) in the upper limb is where there's a knot and a bend in the stave, so it's not as bad as it looks.
I shot it at the club yesterday (100 arrows I'd guess) drawing a full 28", it did pretty well.
I prefer a fatter grip, more mass and draw weight, but I still hit some nice shots and it certainly does the job. I'll do a grip sometime and maybe stick a sliver of horn on as an arrow plate (it's too skinny to inlay one).
I've done Waterbuffalo horn overlays on the tips to provide some material to file the nocks into.
It should make a nice first bow for the intended recipient.
Of course as I was putting the bow away in the garage I couldn't resist a little go with the cabinet scraper on the tip half of the limbs and also a tad near the grip, it's probably made little difference but I couldn't resist!

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