Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Good Day

I took the new Yew bow (with new string and arrow plate fitted) to the monthly 3D shoot shoot at the club.
I'm feeling my age now as shooting a 60 pound bow round 30 targets was hard but enjoyable. (I usually shoot my 40 pound Hazel primitive) It's persuaded me to re-tiller my 75lb bow down to about 60 as I'm sure I couldn't manage shooting it all day anymore.
The bow shot nicely, on the first target I put 3 arrows over the top as I wasn't used to the flatter trajectory. I soon got my eye in and shot to my usual average standard.
It turned chilly in the afternoon and I had to really think about breathing in and expanding my chest on the draw to fight my tiredness, I finished with some good shots, including a first arrow kill on a 3 foot tall rubber Cobra from about 25 yards!
I got home to a quick bite, a hot shower, a well earned cat nap, and I've just had a good old fashioned Sunday roast...Bliss!

I'd tested the bow on the tiller last night 62 lb @ 28" and 72 lb @ 31" most satisfactory.
Some pics tomorrow.
62 pounds will allow it to settle down a tad, and allow for any extra sanding and polishing over the week as I apply the final coats of Danish oil, Beeswax polish and a leather grip.

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