Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hazel Bow Mistakes/Problems

These pics show how the lower limb is weak, the overheated area and the chrysal.
Click on the last pic to see it full size, I've marked a red line either side of the chrysal so you can see it, and how deep it goes through the limb.
Surprisingly you can see there is still a hint of reflex and it shoots ok.
The first pic has the top limb uppermost, second pic, top limb to the right.

Hopefully seeing my mistakes will encourage people who are having a go that even with a few problems and bad tillering you can end up with a shootable bow, and that it's not possible to get it right every time.
I'm not sure what I'll do with the bow, I may not bother finishing it, but it will certainly be a usefull reference for the next Hazel bow.

Yesterday there was a fire engine alongside the woodland, I shall have to pop over and have a look, maybe there is some wood down or a burnt tree which needs tidying up (and turning into a bow).

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