Sunday, 29 May 2011

Roving Marks Shoot

Great day out at the Robert Hardy Roving Marks Shoot run by the Medieval Society.
We were shooting at long range in very blustery conditions, I was privileged to meet some of the big names of bow making and archery.
Robert Hardy was there in the afternoon and joined some of the shooting and presented prizes.
I was pleased to have him look over a couple of my bows. Three of mine were being shot, however pride comes before a fall and there was a tiny sliver of sapwood lifting on the back of Roy's bow by the end of the day.
I'd been hoping to hand over the bow, but although he was really pleased with it after a days shooting, I felt I should bring it back home for careful evaluation and a little remedial work. Hopefully the bow will be fine , but better to be safe than sorry.
Here's a couple of pics to give the flavour of the event, which was marked by the great company and friendly atmosphere, there was a wonderful spread at lunchtime and tea and cake at the end, all extremely civilised.

The pics show the two bows I made from sister staves with particularly dense dark heart wood. I snapped them as close to full draw as I could get.

Update:- I've had a good look at the bow, the sliver of sap wood was near a knot which on close examination and picking at it with a needle file has been revealed to be more extensive than I realised.
I'll post a load of pics when I've done all the work.

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