Thursday, 12 May 2011

Roy's Bow and Stuff

This is the last of this years Yew, I'm aiming for 60 pounds at 28". It's back to 60 at 26 at a low brace (4.5"). So it's nearly there, I've just about finished with the rasp and it's mostly scraper and files now, maybe a little rasping. Here's a couple of pics (excuse my hand in front of the lens!)

I've been mad busy building 3 bows simultaneously, I've been hoping to get the Hazel bow finished for the weekend when there's a primive archery event, but I ran into problems, yet more twist (seems to be a running theme lately), with a flat section limb it can hardly bend sideways, so if it's out of true in any way it will try and twist. Because I've put a few inches of recurve in and heat treated the belly it's all the more twitchy. Anyhow I relieved the stiffer edge, but the twist just didn't want to go... hmmm maybe rather than weakening the stiff edge I should stiffen the weak edge!? It could well be that during the heat treating I hadn't done one edge of the belly as much as the other. The 'fish tail' attachment on the hot air gun gives a afirly narrow jet of hot air which I'd run up the centre of each limb along the belly, and maybe one edge didn't get enough heat.
I've clamped it back up and heat treated the 'weak' edge, of course I've now got to leave it for a few days to see if it's worked, so it won't be ready for the primitive event. Never mind, I'll take it along as a work in progress, my trusty Hazel bow will do for shooting.
The other bow I've been doing is the 50 pound Yew longbow for myself, blimey it's fast! Almost as fast as the 75pound bow, I clocked it at 167feet per second through my chrono' and when we took a long shot at the club (about 170 yards I'd guess) I aimed really high and the arrow was in the air so long I had time to pull out a chair and read the paper.
I haven't put a grip or arrow plate on it yet, but I'm seriously pleased with the performance.

And another thing! That string making jig is pants , so I found a bit of old Dexion at work which was going spare, ( L section steel about 8foot long with holes and slots on both faces, the stuff they use to make racking). I'll use that to make a good solid jig.

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  1. Great stuff Derek. As someone who shoots bows but doesn't build them it's a whole new world of research. Love the blog.