Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Character Yew Bow Pics

The bow is 67.5" nock to nock 40lb at 28". It shoots very steadilly as it's almost a centre shot. It's not very fast and there's a bit of elbow jarring, about the same as a 50 or 60 pound bow, probably due to the extra limb mass with those big knots. It nees some more coats of Danish oil and I may add an arrowplate and leather grip, although it would be a shame to cover that gorgeous wood. On the shot of the heart shaped knot, you can see how it's been cleaned out and I've even attempted to polish the inside, I bought some curved needle files (Riffler flies from Toolstation only £3.74 for a set of 10!) which helped considerably. I even tried creating my own special abrasive tools by dipping a sawn off 6" nail into epoxy and then into fine sand, it wasn't a great success.

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