Friday, 10 June 2011

Messing about

I've been looking at a twisted skinny runty bit of Yew which I got in November from a tree surgeon along with some decent logs. Half of it has virtually no sap wood where it's been rubbing against another branch or been otherwise damaged in some way (see the lower edge next to the tape measure), it has a gentle S shape and may make a nice character primitive flat bow. I've carefully de-barked it to see what's what and it seems to have some great potential. In cutting away the bad side I could see the heartwood grain is very fine and dark, possibly due to slow growth caused by the damage? There are also some slightly dodgy looking areas too, but hopefully as more wood is removed, I'll get to good sound wood.
I also realised my bandsaw blade needed replacing.
I contrived to order the wrong sized ones online, missreading 88" as 82", fortunately the company will accept them back and I can re-order the right ones, nice to get quick friendly efficient service these days.
I've been pottering about in the garden (keeping an eye on our new cat which we got a few weeks ago from a rescue centre) when I spotted a Hummingbird Hawk Moth, excellent!
Tricky chap to photograph, but they are very fine creatures and make me smile to see 'em zipping about.

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