Thursday, 2 June 2011

Repair update.

I've drawn it to 28" on the tiller and it looks fine. It may have possibly gained a whisker in draw weight, of that might just be my imagination, it certainly hasn't lost any.
The patch has been cleaned up a bit further but taken care not to get carried away and end up taking it all off or ruining the work, it's sometimes hard to know when to quit... maybe a tad more with a needle file on that fade out? No!
Danish oil has been applied and there will be a few more coats, I've left it out in the sun to let that freshly exposed sapwood get some UV... dunno if this will help it to blend in colour wise, it just seed like a good idea at the time. The patch isn't invisible , but then it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
Hopefully it will shoot in ok, I'll have to put a good few arrows through it and the odd 29" draw.
Good as new? Well, it should actually be better than 'new' now.
I've learned a fair bit on this bow, which is why I do it.
Be more carefull evaluating knots being the main lesson!

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