Sunday, 16 October 2011

Oak & Apple Explain More

Not quite sure which bit requires further explanation. The primitive crossbow will be explained further when I get round to building it!
It will have a wooden bow (prod) held onto the stock with a binding similar to the repro' mediaeval bow on my website. The trigger mecanism will be a groove across the stock which the string pulls back and drops into. A wooden peg will press up through the stock to push the string up out of the groove, the peg being pressed up by a long wooden trigger beneath the stock
The apple scratter was inspired by this link and there is tons of stuff on Youtube about building apple scratters (grinders) and presses.
To cover more about gathering apparently rotten Oak, I went back and took a couple of pics from where I'd cut it. You can see from the Ivy growth and rot that it has been down for a fair time. The fresh cut face has now started to split as it has had a week to dry out, but you can see the heart wood is sound.

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