Saturday, 22 October 2011

A prod in the right direction

I've been feeling a bit coldy today but I've had a couple of little dabbles with the bow. I made a string, braced to about 3" (90 strands of fine linen thread).
I pulled it back to 12" 70# on the tiller. I then put it on the stock where I've cut the mounting slot and heaved it back to 13" !
Dunno how far I dare push it. Pulling it on the stock gives me the position for the trigger groove.


  1. Prod! Like it...

    How far do they normally come back on a crossbow?

  2. Hmmm, There is no 'usual' it depends on the material of the prod and it's length, composites or fibre glass will probably draw half the length of the prod or more (allowing for recurve). For a wooden self bow a draw of half the bow length is a reasonable upper limit, but with a short prod the geometry is possibly different, so I'd say half the prod length is a bit extreme. The best way to find the maximum is to pull it back til it breaks, then come down a tad ;)
    Having tried the Laburnum I could probably get away without the natural deflex. Once it's finished I will be able to use it as a test bed for different prods made from offcuts that are too short for bows.