Friday, 24 February 2012

Miniature on the Tiller

It looks a bit funny a tiny bow on the full sized tiller, but it illustrates that the process of making the bow is exactly the same as making a full sized one. A lot less work, but some of which is maddening! It's an absolute pig to string as it is just one strand of Angel Majesty. Originally I used a strand of Dacron, but it was stretching!!
Draw weight is 10# at just short of 14".
You have to look closely to see the string, maybe I should have zoomed in a bit.
I shall quit there and put some horn nocks on it, I did shoot one of my lightest arrows from it just for fun, it stuck it into the target just fine. It would be amusing to turn up to Sunday's shoot with it and a tiny quiver full of arrows.
Finding something suitable for a 1/2 scale arrow will be tricky.

P.S I could have cropped the pics, but I took them exactly the same as I always do to allow ease of comparison.

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