Monday, 13 February 2012

On the Tiller at Low Brace

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I've taken it back to 50# at about 15". The upper limb is to the right and you can see some of the steam bending has alredy pulled out, but it's pretty straight overall. These pics help me view it from a distance as in the garage I can only get about 6' away from it conveniently, whereas the camera is mounted on the opposite wall, as far away as is possible.
I'm pleased with it. The lump in the left limb where the knots protrude through the back is flexing smoothly (it had been a stiff area).
The narrow area on the right limb had show as a weak spot, but is now moving smoothly with the rest of that limb.
The string had been trying to pop off the nocks as the tips are narrow, I've superglued a sliver of Yew onto each tip to make the nocks more secure. The bow will have horn nocks eventually. The last pic shows the temporary overlay and the grooves for the stringer, which I need at this stage as the draw weight is still quite high.

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