Monday, 16 April 2012

55 Pounder Finished and some Yew spotting

I've finally completed the 55 pounder, it's had a fair amount of shooting and now has arrow plate, leather grip and it's own string.

We went down South at the weekend, did some hunting for Yew. We stayed with my parents and I also met up with my brother who gave me a couple of archery books from a friend of his, one of which was signed by the author Glenn St.Charles, excellent!

I popped into DG Quicks to stock up on bowstring material and some arrow stop netting which is damn expensive, but will prevent more holes in my garage door!

We'd driven down on Friday the 13th which was a mistake as it ended up costing me a new battery and tyre for the car (the battery was on it's way out anyway, but the tyre was relatively new)

I'm trying to contact the Head Forester to see if they will allow me to cut the Yew. I expect you can pick out the limb I'm after in the pics, it's sticking up almost vertical and the top has been lopped off at some point in it's past. I'm hoping this will have slowed it's growth giving nice tight dark heartwood. I had a limb like this a few years ago which produced 3 excellent bows, two longbows and 'twister' which is my regular field shooting bow.

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