Saturday, 7 April 2012

Yew ELB Composite Picture

I've had a play cutting and pasting pictures into MS 'Paint'. (Double click it to see it big at decent resolution)
The latest bow is virtually finished and nicely shot in, it just needs the grip and arrowplate, it's taken a little more set than I'd have liked, but it started with some slight deflex, and I'd rather have some set than a smashed bow. It seems to have a good cast and nearly made 180 yards up hill into a head wind at the club today, to put that into perspective it was further and any of the other archers there today shot (about 6 of us, one with a horsebow). It compared favourably against the 65 pounder I finished last month.
The pics show some of the features of the bow, I particularly like the concave dip in the sapwood central upper pic near the lower left corner.
The two central pics show the tip with the patch, it looks pretty good when you look back and see how it started out.
I'm rather pleased with the bow, although there is a slight imperfection where the Yew shows as a blush through the horn nock, (bottom right), however it's above the string nock and isn't a problem and just goes to show how deep the wood penetrates into the horn nock.

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