Thursday, 26 April 2012

Busy Busy Bowyer

I got a couple of E-mails which sorted out my confusion, I think the previous post and a nudge from one of their club mates got the communication restored.
So I've started another bow, this will mean that the club in question will have four members shooting my bows by the time it's finished (fingers crossed).
I had one last big stave, it's quarter of a log with a couple of knots in the middle. I'd been looking at it off and on for a while thinking it might suit a very big warbow or maybe cut down the middle and make two bows, (you can see a pic of it in the post of Friday 23rd March, it's the large stave in the middle).
I decided to try and avoid the knots but to play safe and just lay out the best bow I could rather than being greedy and trying to get two. I've ended up with one handsome stave and another bit which may make a bow, but will certainly be good for a crossbow prod or some such.
The sap wood is pretty thick so I carefully ran it through the bandsaw to take off a continuous strip which may come in handy for backing a bow. The Oregon Yew I got has some bug holes in the sapwood so I may be able to use the sapwood strip to back that.
It's a bit nervy running it through the bandsaw as you can't afford a mistake which would cut right through the sapwood.
A bit of work with the drawknife has cleaned it up to a nice even layer and I can get on roughing it out further.
All this means I have two on the go at once which is unusual for me but I'm enjoying it, especially as these two staves are pretty knot free for a change!

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