Friday, 24 January 2014

Derbyshire Yew Tillering 2

I've spent some time off and on in bursts today taking some off the belly of the left limb with the spokeshave, (or rasp, where the wood was tearing near small knots or dips in the grain). I've also re-checked the centre line and taken some off the width to narrow the tips a whisker and bring it all straight.
I even cleaned up the sides a little on the belt sander just to take out some slight bumps and tidy it up. Most of the work was just by eye against the string I taped taut from tip to tip along the back of the bow. A straight edge also showed up a few dips.
The shape is still basically rectangular with the corners rasped off. It's 40 x 37 at the centre and 22 x 20 at the tips (that's in mm with width then thicknes)

Putting it back on the tiller you can see the left limb is working more now. In fact it's working more than the right in the middle/end of the limb! It's getting towards brace height too.
A bit of work on the right and I'll be thinking of getting it to a low brace, say 4 or 5"
This nicely shows the process of trying to balance the limbs. It needs to be about right by the time it's braced, once braced the bow is maybe 75% finished. As soon as the short string is on, applying 100# will probably pull it back about to about 15" draw or so. Actually it's interesting to make that guess now, so we can see what the figure really is when I reach that point..
Enough chat, here's the video.

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