Wednesday, 1 January 2014

TV Debut

The time spent on the South Downs with the Tudor Monastery Farm cast and crew, finally came to fruition on new years eve in the Christmas Special.
The archery action starts at the 40:0 mark, although the intro has been tacked in and they are not carrying my bows in that short sequence. The real action is all with my bows and has some good footage of me and my friends having fun.
If you are sharp eyed you will see Ruth is shooting a little 'bark on' Hazel primitive rather than a longbow.
Peter Ginn does actually hit the rope quoit we were shooting at! We started shooting into a bank at 20 yards to show the guys how to shoot and to provide better filming. Clout isn't so photogenic!
It was a shame they didn't show any of the bowmaking, but I'm pretty chuffed with what they did show.
I was a bit anxious that I'd look like a pratt. I like the way they left in my exhortations to Peter ginn to loose the arrow, although I'm not entirely sure the expression "Don't Fanny about" is strictly authentic!

Here's a link to it on Youtube. The archery is near the end starting at about 11:07

Here's a screen grab of the opening shot which gives a view of an archer you really don't want to see. Note, for safety, I had the arrow pinched between my fingers but not nocked on the string.


  1. Ey up derek, caught the programme and thought you came across very well. good luck with global native wood self bows tv programme. HA HA. all the best, Adrian

  2. Cheers, I watched it with some trepidation first time!

  3. Managed to catch up with it on iPlayer
    I thought you came across well and they did a great job of making it look fun :-)

  4. Great stuff, this was filmed not that far from me.