Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shortened Bow + Update

Having removed about 2.5" off the length, the Yew stick bow is still a good length, 74.5" nock to nock. It seems much better proportioned now, the draw weight is back up and the force draw curve still linear. 70# is now at about 27 1/2".
It's surprisingly hard to get a good accurate measurement as the spring scale seems to be a bit twitchy and needs a good rattle to get it to settle. There is also a fair bit of parallax when trying to read the scale and the rule at the same time.
The nock is all done and polished.
Theoretically it should be faster now, the draw weight is slightly higher and the limbs are now lighter. Of course you don't get ow't for now't so the bow must be subject to higher strain... BUT if the tiller is better and the strain spread more evenly then it will be no more fragile.
I took all the length off the upper limb which was slightly weak, this moved the centre line, grip and arrow pass all down about and inch and a quarter. A little wood was removed just above the grip and at the new upper tip. It will need more shooting in now... and a new string... drat!
Shortening a bow to try and gain draw weight can be a waste of time unless you have spare length to play with. A bow which is already at the limit of the wood and is taking set will just take more set and gain nothing.
Well I've made a new string, and the bow feels better, this could be my fond imagining or maybe I'm jusy drawing a comfortable 27" rather than straining for 28". i think it's dangerous to jump to conclusions, the only meaningful test is the chronometer or shooting for distance. Even then one needs to make sure the draw length is consistent to give a fair test.
One minor irritation is a small knot which now is in the grip area and rubs on the lower edge of the hand. I'll do a little work on it and maybe add a leather grip.

Meanwhile we've taken down all the Christmas decorations and had a little bonfire to burn the greenery in true pagan style, the Holly burns rather well but the Ivy smokes like mad. Some of my Yew shavings and off cuts mde good tinder to get it going, a cheery conflagration and the smell of wood smoke, excellent.

The bow is shooting really well, but I've found a little pinch and some cracks trying to lift on the lower limb, these are emanating from the central pith. I've decided the bow just isn't going to be sellable, but I shall persevere with it and keep it as a demo/character bow. I'm happy with that as I don't have a bow with any patches that I can show people.
I'm doing a 5th patch now! ideally it could do with a belly lamination, but I don't have a long clean thin bit of Yew.

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