Thursday, 15 May 2014

Catching Up

I've put some horn nocks on my refurbished bow, some of the prettiest horn I've had. The tips of the bow are considerably slimmer now and I'm hoping it will throw an arrow a decent distance. I'll try it on Saturday, when I'm hoping my mate JT will finally get the 130# Yew back to full draw unless his shoulder or the bow explodes!
I've just checked the "contact me" page of my Website, I hadn't looked for about a month, so sorry to anyone who has been waiting for a reply.
I've also been checking back for pics of when my Osage stave from the Tennessee Classic was cut (2011 so it's nicely seasoned).
here is the thread on Primitive Archer and here are a couple of pics, it was a monster tree that had fallen, vastly bigger than the sort of skinny little limbs I cut. These guys had some serious equipment to deal with it and put in hours and hours of work which shows how expensive "free" wood is.
Finished fletching a dozen arrows with lurid flights too. (Excuse the rather 60's fireplace, still at least it's real stone) We'd prefer something a bit more minimalist, but it would be a lot of work and cost to replace it, it would also leave a gap in the wooden floor.
Anyway, you can have too much minimalism ;-)

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