Friday, 9 May 2014

Tennessee Classic Trade Bow

When I arrived at the Classic I was presented with a Native American (NA) Eastern Woodlands bow and arrows made by Rich (Half Eye on the PA forum) which he'd sent down from Michigan.
I'd admired his short NA bows for some time so he made me one.
In return I left my 50# English Yew sidenocked bow as a trade. He also gave me a stone blade made by Dan Hamblin (Ogden Utah), this was hafted onto an antler from a large Illinois White-Tail Deer.

The bow is of Shagbark Hickory its 52" long with a draw of 25-26" 33mm wide at the grip and 18mm at the tip. I haven't measured the draw weight as it would be a tad scary at full draw up on the tiller, when I'm used to longer bows.
The fur is Mink and the bow has traditional decoration and a lightly scalloped and notched edge.

I have no doubt it would bring down a deer with ease. Of course had customs enquired when I landed back in the UK I'd have told them it was merely a decorative tourist piece (oooh what a fibber!)
The big stone stone arrow head alongside the knife is of Burlington Chert made by Scott (Stringman)

At the classic it was interesting to see others shooting, there was a good deal of shorter drawing and anchoring up near the eye which makes sense for hunting.
On the Sunday evening when it was quieter (many had left by then) Pappy tried the bow I'd given him as a thank you. It was bamboo backed Oregon Yew longbow I'd originally made it for my mate Mick the blacksmith it is about 52# at 26" . I'd shot it at a full 28" and it was quick. I watched nervously as Pappy selected some of his arrows and shot. A big grin spread over his face and he made a noise and gesture like an arrow leaving the bow 'wheeew' and said "That goes like a dart". He got me to stand behind him to watch as he loosed some more... he was right, not a sign of waggle they went true and fast. He gave me the high five and promised to take a deer with it to blood it for me.
The rain eased off this morning and during the brief sunny spell I got some video of me shooting it.


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  2. Dell, looks like "the cat" took real natural to that short-bow stuff, cant wait to get the proper English long bow you made for me.....Michigan white-tail deer (bunnies,grouse, and turkeys as well) should be VERY aware this coming season,

    rich (half-eye) rousseau
    Northern Michigan red-neck

  3. Good to hear from you Rich, I took it to the club today and showed a few of the guys, all V impressed.