Saturday, 17 May 2014

Yew Bows 130# vs 70#

It was a lovely day for shooting and my mate JT warmed up slowly through a variety of bows starting at about 110#, he's just getting to grips with 130# Yew warbow.
Viewing the video at 1/8th speed I can see he hits full draw in the first part of the draw while he's got it horizontal, but looses a tad when he gets up to 45 degrees. He only took a couple of shots, but he knows he can master it now. It only shot a comparable distance to his slightly lower poundage bows, but that last inch of draw and crisper loose should add some distance.

I shot my refurbished 70# Yew bow which managed about 210 yards with my standard arrows and the 11/32" shafted ones. A bamboo arrow with a light tip and 2.5" fletchings (rather than 3") managed 230yards and a heavy war arrow only went about 160.
The two videos show the contrast between shooting a 28" draw at a comfortable weight and getting into a heavy warbow. In terms of flight shooting the difference in time held at full draw is significant.
Note the difference in technique due to the forces involved and the longer draw of the Warbow. You just can't draw a warbow the way you draw a target bow. I've added full draw stills to show the tiller, the 70# bow is much shorter and is bending on a tighter curve, it is of course a good bit thinner. You can see the physical effort JT is putting in, but he is throwing those heavy arrows an extra 60 yards.

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