Friday, 27 June 2014

Cleaned and Oiled

The bow isn't finished yet, but I couldn't resist polishing up the nocks, giving it a wipe with Danish Oil and trying the manual settings on my new camera. I've managed to get a good pic of the back of the bow, showing the feature waggle and knots of the top limb, you can see how I've followed the growth rings where possible and worked around the knots. I need to get it back on the tiller and see how the draw weight is. It's normally very tricky to get a pic showing the rings on Yew. I used a large aperture setting and a tripod to get the pic... I don't really know what I'm doing tho' !

Update:- It's now 60# at 27 1/2 " according to my digital scale. It's impossible to really measure that accurately. Bottom line is, once it's sanded a bit more and settled in, it will be near as dammit 60# at 28"

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