Saturday, 21 June 2014

Yew Primitive Braced

The Yew primitive is coming along, it at a low brace now and pulling 60# at 20" so it's coming on well.
I've spent a good deal of time going over back getting it to a single growth ring or with the growth rings running along the length of the bow. I've left a little extra sapwood round the few knots which come through the back. The string line has been repeatedly checked and the tips narrowed somewhat. There is a big wiggle in the top limb, but this is less evident now the tips are narrower. Hopefully when it's finished the string line will just about stay inside the limbs at all points.
I left my old string adjuster with a guy in Tennessee so I turned the mkII from some soft Aluminium bar, before I made it I'd been using an old bearing which I had lying about.
Up at the club today I had a play with the new camera, got some nice slo' mo' from medieval corner. also tested a few flight arrows from Twister, I couldn't use the 70# Yew longbow as they'd have gone out of the field. I got about 200yards which is pretty good from a 47# self wood bow.
Here's a V short clip of an arrow leaving warbow taken at 120 frames per second and then slowed further with Windows MovieMaker.
You'll need to view it full screen, the tails on the medieval headgear flap about a bit and the rotation of the bow in the hand is interesting.

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