Saturday, 28 June 2014

Shooting and Arrow Pass Adjustment

I've started 'shooting in' the bow. My 'standard' arrows are a bit under spined for it but they go blisteringly fast. I've been shooting some stiffer 11/32" shafted arrows instead, they go hard and fast. I'll have to try it through the chrono' some time, but I might wire up a new lamp for the chrono' as the previous arrangement was a bit feeble (and it got shot a couple of times!)
I noticed the arrows were marking the bow a little too near the belly so I rasped off a little to adjust the curve of the side of the bow, I rubbed it with chalk and you can see the arrow now touches the bow centrally, this also helps to show where the arrow plate will go when I do it (an inlay of Water buffalo horn).
My interpretation of the marks is this (it may be wrong of course!) The lower mark is where the arrow is resting on my knuckle as I draw it back The next mark up, is where it flies from the bow slightly higher due to the nock point on the string being deliberately slightly raised, this stops the flights ripping into your knuckle. The highest mark is the flight rubbing on the bow. Maybe the centre mark is the shaft going both back and being loosed and the other two marks are fletchings touching the bow. The real point is the marks are near the centre of the bow, which is where I want them.
The full draw pic is grabbed from video... I really need to put up something to stop the glare (or adjust the exposure), anyhow it shows the tiller of the bow.
I've also taken a picture showing the thickness and ring count of the sapwood as requested a couple of posts back.

I just shot it through the chrono' I was consistently getting 172fps with the 11/32" shafted arrows which weigh 450gn. The 5/16" arrows which are underspined gave me 178 fps but were harder to get a clean reading as they were flexing through the chrono. I'll try it for distance tomorrow.

I've eased the upper limb off a whisker, just a light touch with the rasp and then scraper to take out the marks. on it's inner third as the draw weight was 62# @ 28" and in the pic that upper limb looks a tad stiff above the grip.
It feels good to shoot, I did find it a bit heavy to draw, but a few tweaks has eased it off and I've got used to it. It's prob' had about 50 arrows through it now.

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