Monday, 7 July 2014

Elder Reflex Deflex Progress

I'm just doing this all by eye for the fun of it, a style I've not done before and a wood I've only used once. I'm aiming for highish draw weight  (say 70#) shortish draw (no more than 28" maybe just 26")  fast as hell it would be nice to get over 200 fs , but that's unlikely, if I can get over 180 I'll be happy. Bear in mind I have not the faintest idea what or why I'm doing! It's based on reading, experience, stuff I've picked up on Primitive Archer (PA) and a healthy pinch of Bowyer's optimism. There was a thread on PA about creating the curves for a caul (or former) for clamping up RD designs for glue up or heat treating. The advice shunned any fancy maths or formulae and said find a suitable round object, a paint can a bucket etc and draw round that for your curve then join that to whatever curve you drawn for the next section!
I'll let the pics do the talking.
First shows it jigged up whilst steaming to remove twist and pull the limb across into alignment. the close up shows the big channel that is filled with pith in Elder, the pith has been scraped out.

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