Sunday, 6 July 2014

ILAA Torry Hill Shoot

Just got back from the shoot. It was a two day event, but I only shot the Sunday. I was keen to try my refurbished old 70# @28" Yew longbow (the first Yew bow I ever made) for distance with a flight arrow. I also took the Hickory backed Yew 70# @ 32".
The morning was a bit damp, but it brightened in the afternoon, I didn't take any pics as I was encumbered with rain gear in the morning and carried both bows in the afternoon.
Here's a pic of me and JT during the damp morning session.
During the course of the day 3 bows broke! I lent the Hickory backed yew to one of the guys whose bow had broken. he was understandably nervous of shooting but I assured him it had a full 32" draw and he was favourably impressed with the bow.
The shoot was at various marks up hill and down dale, often just over a ridge or beyond trees to make it difficult. Variety was added with one shot at 120 yards when it was as many arrows as you could loose in 30 seconds. I shot six, two of which were close enough to score and indeed six seemed to be a common number of arrows to get off in that time.
The flight shot was what I was after and I was interested to find the 70# @ 28" out shot the other bow managing just over 275 yards with the slightly stiffer and heavier arrow. I'd noticed the weakest one had waggled for a fair distance as it flew off. I was really pleased with this as the bow had shot further than ever before, a testament to a bow made over 40 years ago.
I only shot two arrows from each bow so it's difficult to really draw accurate conclusions about performance. I would dearly love to find somewhere I could safely shoot for distance near home.
The flight shoot was won by Neil Harrington with a 338yards from what I think was a laminated Yew longbow of 85# @ 34" draw. (I'll amend those figures later if necessary).

It was very interesting to meet with old friends, Neil and several other bowyers who were there, especially Gunther and his friends from Austria who were shooting heavy bows.
There was a very good turn out with a good mix of ladies, gents and juniors. It was very sociable as we wandered round in the glorious grounds of the Torry Hill estate.
We didn't stay for the scoring as a bit of a drive round the M25 back to Harlow and a hot bath was beckoning!

Thanks to Brian Mooyaart and the Fraternity of St George for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

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