Monday, 14 July 2014

Good News Bad News

I got the RD looking really good 69# @ 26", I shot some arrows through it and it was more like a Warbow!
My heavier 11/32" arrows went like rockets, I could barely see 'em go and the bow rang like a bell. I moved up to my 3/8" 32" long light warbow arrows (763 grain) Whoooomp, went dead straight and rocked the target boss backwards.
I set up the chrono to get a speed reading. Got myself all set up and... she exploded in my hand as I hit full draw.
Maybe I over drew to 28" ? Who knows, one hell of a BANG!
Still it's given me a feel for the design and the wood. I think the moral is always tiller to your natural full draw, and keep the camera running!
Also if going for a flight/speed bow, get the best materials and be meticulous.
This post shows the Elder when I collected it...

Anyhow, while the chrono was up I shot the refurbished 70# yew bow through it and I got 178fps with my standard field arrow, then I tried a flight arrow, I got 193.5 fps! Mind the arrow stop netting didn't stop it beacuse its so slim at the point. pretty impressive, it shows the 200fps mark is acheivable.
At least Monkey bow lives on!

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