Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Glue Up

Here it is after glue up against a straight length of timber so you can see the glued in deflex. The grip area is too thick at the moment. When the Bamboo back is planed up it will get glued on and the assembly pulled into reflex for the last half of each limb, I may pull in a hint more deflex.
The Bamboo will be held on with rubber strapping, bow will be supported under the grip against a baulk of timber (as in the pic), with additional spacers if needed, (back uppermost) the mid point of the limbs will be strapped down and the tips pushed up into reflex by supporting blocks. Anyhow it will make sense when I do it, don't know when that will be as it's all getting a bit busy here. I expect I'll manage to sneak away and do a little here and there, which is the best way to get the bamboo backing planed up anyway. I can't see me getting it glued this week though.
It doesn't look much like a longbow at the moment because I've left it too wide and the riser section too deep, rest assured it will look more like a longbow when finished. The draw weight is the thing that's worrying me, but hopefully the Bamboo will make a big difference.

The pic shows the deflex, if you imagine the tips sweeping to the right by about the same as the width of that baulk of timber, that is sort of how it will look during the next glue up.

I couldn't resist a quick clamp up to see the general shape. The reflex bend seems to be all mid limb, but that's because the limbs don't have much thickness taper and they don't have the full width taper yet either. There will be extra thickness taper in the bamboo backing and I will probably strap the limbs down nearer the tips too.

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