Monday, 6 October 2014

Final Tiller and Test Shots

The final bit of work has made a difference and the tiller looks great now, It would be interesting to get this pic and the previous one and flick between 'em rapidly to see how much change there is.
To me the left outer third is flexing a little more, the actual position of the nocks shows they are pulling down more evenly too. Some of that may be the start position of the bow on the tiller and where I'm drawing from, but this time those positions are more accurately measured , and are representative of a real draw.

I inadvertently briefly drew it to 30" as I was watching the weight rather than the draw length but it feels smooth and I'm happy it wasn't a problem. In fact it will probably just help the bow settle down. Draw lengths aren't exact on the tiller anyway, unless I've adjusted the rule to compensate for the thickness of the bow at the grip. I'd also normally test to 29" anyway, so it's not quite as drastic as it sounds at first.
I had a couple of test shots, fast as hell and it banged 'em in exactly where I was looking.
That was enough to check the position of the arrow pass so I can get the Mother of Pearl arrow plate done.
I'm looking forward to shooting it through the chrono'.

The advantage of videoing it on the tiller is I can grab the frame where it was at 30" for a brief instant. Here it is, you can see the extra tip deflection is minuscule.

Update:- I've done a lovely clean large Mother of Pearl arrow plate and tested it through the chrono'.
Not quite as fast as I'd expected but very respectable especially considering it's not bamboo backed. Average was about 157fps with the best 167 and the worst 152 from a relaxed draw.
Getting clean chrono results is harder than one would think, it's difficult to see if you are getting to full draw and it's easy to to get a slow loose where your fingers straighten by and inch or two before the string slips off.
Interestingly, that's pretty similar to the 35# deflexed reflex bow. The big difference is that one had a bamboo back and a heat treated Yew belly. It would be interesting to try 'em side by side, I expect this one would throw a slightly heavier arrow better than the 35#
I've just gone back and tried another shot with the string right on my finger tips and a good full draw... 162 fps, I think that confirms what I thought.

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