Saturday, 4 October 2014

YBY Nearly There

Having left it overnight, I looked at the tiller again, still not quite there, but getting close.
I did a little more and took some more video. It's getting very close now, but the lower limb is still a whisker stiff. You can see the draw length and weigh is pretty much spot on. It feels very secure, I've held it at 28" draw with no qualms.
The outer 1/3 of each limb looks slightly stiff, but remember it has a slight reflex, so that is reflected in the full draw shape.
Since these pics I've taken a few more scrapes off the lower limb and reduced the tip width a bit to give the final nock alignment.
It doesn't need much, because anything that eases off the lower limb is also relieving the load on the upper limb slightly, a little off the inner third of the lower limb should do it.
I'll probably get the horn nocks glued on today, I may move the top nock down half an inch to just shift the centre point a whisker left.
With most bow making, the devil is in the detail, when in doubt leave it overnight and have another look.

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