Friday, 24 October 2014


Back from a week in Crete, peace and quiet, great weather plenty of walking and good food.
Saw Swallowtail butterflies, Cretan Vultures and a huge fat Hawk moth Caterpillar of some sort. A psychotic Donkey bit my knee!
Great to get away from the TV newspapers and computer.
They baked bread in an wood fired bread oven, made cheese and even has a small still for distilling Raki...( see pic, the spout from the copper vessel goes down at an angle through the water tank and out the other end. The water is to cool the vapour and condense the alcohol). I think I'll stick to wine and cider, that Raki is powerful stuff, but was a welcome shot when we arrived at 10:30pm on the first day.
The place overlooked a gorge and we scrambled along the dry river bed on the next day.
There was loads of old machinery and equipment around, I'd love to have that press and refurbish it for my cider... bit to heavy to carry on the 'plane tho' !
Here's the place if you like the sound of it:- Enagron
The staff and other visitors were very friendly. Up in the village of Axos was a wooden sculpture museum, all the work of a charming self taught man, who was passionate about his work.
The work is more impressive when you are actually there as some of it is absolutely huge. Well worth a visit and only 5 Euros which is refreshing these days. He had some of the things he made from clay when he was a kid and was first finding his love of making things. It's now his livelihood but he doesn't sell his work. Great bloke!

I've been tinkering about bottling up some of my cider, I expect I'll be back to bows soon.

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