Saturday, 22 November 2014

Getting Back to it

Been away for a few days, family matters.
Found a phone message from someone with a yew stave that wants making into a bow and that the cat had peed on the carpet.
While I was away I spotted a nice side trunk of Yew which had been topped out at about 18' it was nice and straight. I chatted to the guy who runs the site and maybe it will come my way for a suitable fee.
It's certainly turned colder, the garage needs tidying, some wine need racking and that carpet needs replacing with hard flooring. I've been skilfully putting that off for the last couple of years but there's only so much cat pee you can put up with!
She's a bit of a runty rescue cat and she sometimes gets bullied by the neighbourhood cats and doesn't want to go out. To be fair, she sits with her nose against the double patio doors and probably thinks it counts as "outside".
Still, plenty of worse things in life than a damp patch on a carpet.... easy to loose your sense of proportion in a modern consumer society.
A funeral, tends to re-set ones priorities.

Started heat treating the tapered Yew heartwood billets, got one done. I'll get the other done this afternoon and then saw the splice on the bandsaw when I've fitted a nice sharp new blade.

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