Saturday, 29 November 2014

Tiller Progress Videos

Having always said you can't make a bow by numbers, the 'boo backed yew was pretty good first try on the tiller! I can see the inner limbs flexing and need to get the outers moving more.
I checked the string line and centre line and tapered the limbs to narrower tips, I also rounded the belly and you can see it's coming back a lot further in the second video.
Note in both videos I'm pulling it to about 40#, in the first video it's on a long string. In the second video its at a low brace (about 4")

Here's a couple of stills too. for comparison. Each pic is at about 40#, top pic is long string before narrowing the outer limbs. The horn nocks will be done now and the outer limbs narrowed some more.

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