Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hedeby Bow Detail & Full Draw

The bow has been tweaked and fettled, it's smoother and about 47# now. I've cut about 1/4" off the upper handle to improve the proportions. You can see the bit I removed in the top nock pic which also shows how the string sits on the knot/peg when the bow is unstrung.

Here are some pics:-
The first shows the small filled knot on the side which corresponds to the arrow pass, I may fill it with a round dot of black water-buffalo horn.
Top right shows the waggle in the upper limb and the handle bent towards the belly, shows off the heart/sap wood nicely too.
The picture of the top nock has somehow loaded rotated 90 degrees!
The lower left pic shows the deflex/set in the bow but it's somewhat exaggerated due to the foreshortening.
Bottom right pic shows the sapwood back with a nice feature knot.
It really has the look of a stick bow from a small diameter limb just like the real thing.

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