Saturday, 3 January 2015

Target Bow Finished

This is the bow I built to replace the deflexed recurve target longbow which was too recurved to comply with some definitions of longbow.

The pictures don't really do it justice!

The buyer has disappeared off the radar so it's up for sale.
£300 with free shipping (UK only I'm afraid).
I prefer a buyer to collect so it can be tried.

Just to clarify, the bamboo back is a single continuous piece. The belly is English Yew spliced billets both from the same tree.

It's pretty much ramrod straight with no sign of reflex in the braced pic.
I've deliberately exaggerated the nocks to keep the string completely clear of the limbs. At the Windsor great park ILAA shoot I had a good look at a lot of longbows and many of them had the loop making contact with the wood of the bow limb.
I spend a couple of days doing the Mother of Pearl arrow plate, the leather grip and going over the bow again. I reduced the nodes on the bamboo back a little more and took out a few remaining tool marks, the Danish Oil was stripped back and re-done at least twice. The attention to detail was worth it as it's a gorgeous bow.

It's been shot in with about 100 arrows total, some of which were going round a field course, where it performed admirably.
I'd rather see it being shot than languishing in my garage, So if someone makes the effort to visit and they like it I can drop a few quid.


  1. How do you install the strike plate? Do you actually recess it in the wood? And if so, wouldn't that weaken the bow in that area?

  2. I did a post on how it's done. It's recessed and no, it doesn't weaken the bow to any significant extent as the bow is so much thicker there.

  3. Yep, you're right, the pictures definitely don't do it justice!

  4. Cheers! :)
    Glad you like it, I'm pleased it's now found a good home.

  5. Just reporting back, I discovered today that this makes a most excellent clout bow too ☺

    1. Great, always nice to hear how a bow is performing.