Sunday, 6 September 2015

110# Elm Warbow First Shots

Finally got to see the Elm Warbow in action...
My mate JT was brave and shunned the hard hat and safety goggles... fortunately it didn't explode.
He shot a good few arrows through it including 3 different flight arrows. The best was a bamboo one, not actually the lightest, but it has the thinnest shaft and seemed to fly truest.
Best shot was a frustrating 299 yards as measured with a laser range finder. I'm sure with a bit of practice at getting that elusive sweet loose he'll get past the 300. I'm also going to tune up that flight arrow with some better fletchings.
I've put together a bit of video here:-

And here's a full draw still so you can see the tiller of the bow.

I also shot the Yew primitive which was pretty sluggish. It weighs a ton and is obviously carrying a lot of excess weight. Even with a flight arrow the best it made was about 170 yards which is abysmal from a 50# bow... but then a native American would have only been interested in killing game at close range not distance.
From the pic you'll see I was wearing a stupidly baggy sweatshirt which was snagging the string.

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