Saturday, 12 September 2015

Finishing a Couple of Bows

The spliced billet Yew bow has finally been finished, I've taken a few pounds off it, mostly of the upper limb to improve the tiller and get it to the required weight for it's new owner (about 47-48#) at 28".
I've added a black Waterbuffalo horn arrow plate and got 3 coats of Danish oil wiped on to it. When that's dry in the morning it will get the final coat of beeswax polish.
It will be great to see it find a home at last as it's a very handsome bow with some natural recurve. It will also help clear some room for whatever I pick up next... mind the garage needs a good tidy before that.

The Near-lithic is done too, after some fiddling and fettling to get the tiller right and get it settled down.
It's had the same Danish Oil finish.
I've marked the arrow pass with a burnt in spot, somehow a fancy arrow plate didn't seem right on a primitive (my regular field bow doesn't have one).
It's looking good and shooting well now, having had 75 arrows through it in total, 35 since it was patched. I'm tempted to shoot it tomorrow at the Aurora field shoot.  which is fairly local to me, I'll probably take it along with Twister and see how the mood takes me. If it's chilly I may shoot the Near-lithic as it's lighter.
I'll doubtless post how it goes ( might try and take some pics too)

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