Thursday, 24 September 2015

Molle Update

Having deliberately left the levers long I've got some leeway to cut 'em down and hopefully still make a useful bow.
I've sawn 2.5" off each lever, it's now 64" long. The Yew backed cherry Molle was 56" for a 24" draw, so 64" scales up to about 27.5" just going by bow length to draw length ratio, which seems ok, especially as the Yew should be better in compression than the cherry.
The buckled wood seems fairly stable and it's looking a bit more optimistic.
I've flexed it and the bark is popping off evenly along both limbs which is a good sign, although it did expose a short length of bug damage, but that was fortunately near the grip.
With luck it will end up as useful and handsome bow.
It will have to wait until next week tho' as I'm busy with family business and will be off line... you'll have to talk amongst yourselves! ;-)

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