Monday, 7 March 2016

All Heartwood Yew Character Primitive

I've had someone interested in an experimental primitive which is great as it gives me free reign to play around with some of my less promising staves and see what happens.
This stave is pretty S shaped and way out of alignment. I narrowed the grip so that it would bend under steam, mind I had two goes and ended up loosing track of which way I was trying to bend it! In my defence I'll say I've been rather distracted with cat health issues.
Anyhow, I used the hot air gun in the end (for about 10 minutes) and brushed the grip liberally with sunflower oil. The workshop smelled like a chippie!
You can see the improvement in the pics, I may have to do more work as the bow progresses.
There is a fair bit of reflex in each limb which is relatively symmetrical.

I'm aiming at a left handed bow about 45-50# It will look very handsome if it doesn't explode and hopefully being all heartwood it will be quite fast.
The bow is cut out from the log on a bit of an angle so I can't make the back a continuous single ring, but I can have the rings running along the length of the limb.

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