Saturday, 19 March 2016

Heartwood Yew Progress

It's getting there ,but still needs work. I've got the string line good and got it up to brace height. Some heat shaping on the limbs has got them more symmetrical, but the lower limb is too stiff in the outer 2/3. The right limb looks pretty good.
The good news is I've got some draw weight to play with and it hasn't exploded! I had to do a small patch on the side of the grip where the sideways bend had caused a slight tension crack on one side. It didn't really effect the strength and could have been covered buy a leather grip or binding, however, that's not style, so I've let in a patch. It may end up with a grip covering it, anyway, but I didn't want the handle moving and effecting the string line.
The belly of the bow looks particularly good. As I ease off the left limb the excess reflex at the tip will probably pull out a bit, if not I can add a little extra curve to the right tip to match it to the left.

Note:- the two bottom pics are not the same way round (the bow won't rest on it's side one way round). So braced pic is lower limb to the left. Unbraced pic is lower limb right, you can see it has a little more reflex.

Update:- I've taken a hint of reflex out of the lower mid limb and eased it off too, the tiller looks good now and I've had it back to 50# at 28".
It's down to cleaning up, narrowing the tips fiddling fettling and and finishing now. Not sure if I'll do horn tip overlays. I'll mull it over, it's certainly got some character but feels rather heavy, I don't know how it will shoot.

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