Thursday, 24 March 2016

Yew Heartwood Primitive

It's had 50 arrows through it now at a good full 28" draw, I've been shooting my 11/32" shafts, the bit of extra weight gives a smoother loose. I'll have to see if the guy I'm making it for wants a leather grip, it would cover the patch in the side of the grip and also bulk up the rather skinny grip a tad.
Here are some pics showing a few of the features, you'll have to trust me that it actually looks better in the flesh. I'll shoot it in some more, make a new string (I'm using one borrowed from another bow at the moment) put some more Danish Oil on it and do a grip if required.
I've enjoyed this one and it's a great example of a character bow without being so extreme that it compromises the shooting.
It's taken very little set, the lower limb has a hint of deflex just out of the fade where the patch is which makes it look a hint weak, but it's not. Once it's completely shot in and finished I'll get another full draw shot to see the poundage, (probably pretty much 50# @ 28" still)
Enough chat, here are the pics.
You probably need to click on them to bring them up big to appreciate them.

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