Thursday, 16 February 2017

Buddleia Explodes!

Having started with the left limb stiff, I over compensated and it was then a tad weak, but I was easing off the right limb and teasing it back.
I'd got it to about 40# at 23" when it went bang, failing a big knobbly knot, hardly surprising. Just a bit of fun trying out a new wood.
The wood is OK, it's the regular big knobbly knots that are problematic as they are rather pithy and weak on the belly and are a weak point on the back.
Pics sow the break, note the filled knot on the belly, it was a large porous area of bark like material.
The tiller wasn't too bad, the grip could have flexed more and the right limb was still a tad stiff.
Here's the video of it going bang :)


  1. Man that is a big knot taking up almost the whole width of the limb. Is the wood spalted? It looks like it in the second image.

  2. It was fresh cut and seasoned well, I think it's just the way it grows.