Monday, 13 February 2017

Tarting up Mr Wonky

I thought I'd finish up the Wonky Warbow with an arrow plate, one reason being to cover a slightly narrow bit at the end of the splice. The billets weren't necessarilly going to end up as a warbow, but once I'd made the decision to go for 100# I left the stave a wide as possible, you'll see the narrowing at the end of the splice on one of the other pics (the one with the funny little face!).
Had been hoping it would get shot yesterday, but was overtaken by events, hopefully it will get an outing at the weekend if the flood plain is still dry enough. On a plus note I just heard from JT who shot one of my other bows at the shoot and got 301 yards for the flight shot, winning that part of the shoot. I think we're still learning about flight arrows, it will be interesting to see what Mr Wonky can do with a flight arrow, we know it's not all about poundage.

 Out of interest, the glue area of the Z splice is about  3 x 4.5" times 1.5 inches deep. That comes out at 20.25 square inches of glue area!

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